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Daniel Soorensen 11/6/2014

.Hello,For Some Reason,My Computer Won't Connect Up To "Tich's" E-Mail (As I'd Like To Enquire About The Sept.8,2003 Marquee Theatre (Tempe,AZ ) Show If Someone Could E-Mail Me Back,It Would Be Greatly Appreciated. Thanks! Daniel Sorensen

Dermot Campbell 27/2/2014

Hi there, Just writing to see if anyone is interested but I write a full colour fanzine on the Sex Pistols and related artists if anyone is interested. I love your site.

Bert Broodje 29/5/2013

Hi from the Netherlands. WhAt An AmAzInG SiTe. FaNtAsTiC jOb M8.

Harry Nordskog 13/5/2013

Amazing!!! My bollocks smiles when entering this site!!!

evandrohc71 20/4/2013

I'll try to contribute to this great site! I am an brazilian Pistols collector too!

Sö 25/3/2013

Bollocks, what an amazing site! Cheers!

Zaid 3/2/2013

Many thanks for such an interesting site

Phil 24/1/2013

Hi from Shetland Islands. Great site,many Thanx

Tosimitsu Kihara 15/1/2013

Hello. I am de_gran ebay

Nancy Gray 12/1/2013

;} howdy from Texas ya'll

gaz kelly 27/11/2012

I got a pistols album no future uk it was the original never mind the bollocks its mint and has not for sale dj copy printed on it do you reckon its worth anything?..

Mart 30/10/2012

Exxellent site, but why are some of the scans pretty low quality and most of them scanned from the jevel case?

Repo Man 7/10/2012

Interesting site. Found some oddball russian Sex Pistol album. Googled and got this site. Will have to check it out more. Also, noticed on your tribute Sex Pistols you're missing some albums. If I ever get to a scanner I'll scan them and give you the 411 on them.

Repo Man 7/10/2012

Think Simon is looking for an LP called "Never Mind the Bollocks 1983" By the Bollock Brothers. It's on vynal under the record label Charly Records.

ACHER 28/9/2012

Hi, FYI: the exact date of the 1978 Pistols gig in Kortrijk (Belgium) you're looking for is january 29.

Tom Dard 28/9/2012

Blessed is the bootleg guide !

Broodje 14/9/2012


SHiN3R 24/7/2012

FANTASTIC JOB M8! I play bass for SHiN3R (SoCal's #1 Classic Punk Rock Band). We do a few Pistol's covers and I've been a pistols fan since I was years old (78')

Simon 20/7/2012

Hi. Do you now what a band play album "Never Mind the Bollocks" in electro version. instead of guitar - keyboard, instead of screaming - a serious voice. Pleace help me.

tezm77 1/7/2012

Hey this gets better, the group that made me a musician..pistols will never really get the full recognition for changing not just music but attitude and diy fashion(pre-mohawk wigs)..and also my mindset forever. TEZM77

Face 9/5/2012

Best site for Sex Pistol and PIL CD's out there. Keep up the good work. Using it nearly everyday as a reference guide. Someday I'll get round to getting my collection catalogued.

Mickey44 7/5/2012

Top site for covers...

pete 24/4/2012

Brilliant site .... Thanks for helping me out with the info on the poster , your a star

zjohn69 20/1/2012

Great site for reference,but is there any way to actually DOWNLOAD the artwork itself?

xpatrickx 17/12/2011

amazing homepage ! keep up the good work and thx a lot for the cd and dvd.... black leather !!!


Amazing, site and work, real heartwork,i wish everything.

dani 2/9/2011

Hi! Tich Great Sex Pistols site.

Dan 19/8/2011

Very nice site Tich. One of the best pistols fan sites on the web by the looks of it.

Shadey 13/7/2011

Hi great site this stuff very hard to find glad a came across it was looking for stuff on the Coventry gig as its the only live gig I could get to. any way keep it going :)

Paul 28/6/2011

The years getting this lot together were very well spent. Keep returning and finding something I'd missed the other times. An astonishing collection from the four corners. Something to be well proud of Tich. Well done mate. All the very best Doc

Tripmeup 21/6/2011

Just uploaded all the 'on stage' pics with dates, locations and any further details I've been able to add ('at the hotel' or 'soundcheck' etc.). If you have any pre 1978 Sex Pistols pics that need IDing just let me know. Am I a legend or what? ;) - Tripmeup

Enter your name... 12/6/2011

Hello, i came across your great site whilst looking to try and trade for public image limited recordings. i went to see them at their gig in cardiff and was wondering if there was a copy available? it was a massive suprise for me to get to see them and loved every moment.

Shaun 28/5/2011

Hi guys , keep up the good work. Shauninblack..

Jonny Edwards 27/4/2011

Hi Tich, love the site since i found it a few years ago. Great to see the Sussex Pistols cd on the site. I was the singer, and we recorded the first lot of songs (Anarchy, GSTQ, Vacant, Bodies, Swindle and Holidays) at Brickhouse studios in Brighton in 1998, and the rest in Eastbourne college in 1999. Seeing it on the site brought back many memories......oh, the version of GSTQ on the Outrageous and by Sussex Pistols is re-recorded with a vocalist after i left and is awful! all the best.

chizzer 25/4/2011

Hi Tich good to meet yourself and Steve at the SPE in Dundee keep up the good work cheers Chizzer.

David 3/4/2011

Hi Tich, thanks for a great museum of Sex Pistols recordings. I spend far too much time on your site, but that's no bad thing. Take care, david

MICKSKULLS 20/3/2011

Hi ya mate this site is ace keep up the good work mate.

Allan Dias 25/1/2011

Great site.....well done....brings back lots of memories...Thank you!

David 27/12/2010

Hi, This is such a brilliant site, I've spent far too many hours looking at it with envious eyes. I'm currently drumming for Glen Matlock so let me know if any of our stuff turns up from Canadian Tour (Dec '10) or The Water Rats gig last week (21.12.10). I see you've seen the Sex Pistols experience recently, did we meet? Between Apr '06 & Sept '10 I was the 'Steve Jones' on guitar, Any youtube clip between those dates is me, & I played edinburgh many times with them over those 4 years. All the best, DD.

peppe 29/10/2010

Hi. just saw that you're trading a recording i've made in '87 (hot point lausanne). you mention that this is a mp3 transfer from cassette, that's not correct: i've transfered this recording from the mastertape to flac. you can download the flac from my blog, there's also another show from geneva '86 available. feel free to DL. btw: nice site here. greetings peppe

Riot100 21/10/2010

Always enjoy this site Tich. Thought you might be interested in my Sex Pistols / PIL Interviews Blog Site I just started. Just transfering all my cassettes of Pistols / PIL interviews into Digital for all to share. Labour of love !!! Lot's of Sex Pistols Radio interviews have now been added to this Blog, from 1976, 1977 and now the 1978 items are the next to be uploaded. In the next few weeks PIL interviews will be uploaded, starting from 1978. Any help with My Wanted List would be most apprciated. All the best

Beavis 12/10/2010

Great site, fantastic source of info about various boots and shows.. nice one :) however, the artwork is very small, only something like 490 x 419 pixels.. can you make the artwork available at least twice that size? or is there a link to larger artwork files that I missed? Thanks in advance and thanks for such a great site :)

Mick 6/10/2010

Supreme website! An honour to be involved and to upload my PiL stuff for the masses to appreciate! Keep up the great work Tich!

Tony Tindrum 27/9/2010

Great stuff. I'm also a fan of art work, and appreciate the effort involved.

sad 29/8/2010

Exellent work, I propose you a trade against an original rock'n'folk magazine from January 1978 (just after the split) against your Japanese Filthy Lucre box set.

sad 29/8/2010

Great site, keep on punking I propose you some trade if you're interested. i'm personaly interested by your Japanese Filthy Lucre box set 

jack 24/8/2010

Hi, I came across this site by chance and glad I did! A lot of info to keep you going for days, Keep up the great work!

Simon R 18/8/2010

Excellent collection mate keep up the good work.

Gaz 15/8/2010

Amazing site, truly cool to look thru. Its in my favorites now because theres just soo much to take in. Keep up the good work.

Ludde 11/8/2010

Hi Tich, keep up the good work! -Ludde

Jamie P 10/8/2010

Hi Tich. Sites coming along well. I noticed you have been gathering quite alot of PIL material. I got my hands on a copy of one of their albums after you said how good they were live n I wasn't disappointed. Keep up the good work!

Pil Head 4/8/2010

Hi there, I owe you an apology. I have started my own blog for Sex Pistol/Pil live downloads & I have used images from your site- it would have been nice if I asked you first- so please accept my apology - I hope you dont mind? I have given your site a mention, though.

Mechelle 3/8/2010

What an awesome website! i cant believe you have done all this!!

Evandro 30/6/2010

Congratulations for your huge collections of data! I appreciated it so much. I have Brazilian original copies of NMTB and GRRS! Maybe I can help you to fill in the data! Thanks. Evandro.

Peter Lloyd 13/4/2010

With the sad death of Malcolm Mclaren i have been looking at my Pistol stuff,i have some pics of the first 3 Gigs the Pistols did in the North at Northallertonand,Scarbough and Middlesbourgh great gigs and i got quite friendly with the,i will try and send some pics not best quality but i thnk the only one,s from these gigs.

rich 21/3/2010

Amazing site , you must have put in years of work to gather all this information Rich Teale.

Ray 26/2/2010

Tich superb site glad i found it ,Great collection i will see if my old mate Mr Matlock has seen it keep it going Cheers Ray.

Wall1885 9/2/2010

Great site, keep it up. Glad to see the PIL & post Pistols sections expanding. Thanks for all your hard work.

Enter your name... 18/9/2009

Hi Titch, great site, keep the upfdates coming m8 !!!!

JDT 18/5/2009

May 1976, they played Bishop Grosseteste College Lincoln the day after they had played at Middlesborough. I know because I was there, it was our May Ball and we paid them £50!!

sydney 1/4/2009

Wonderful site! Love the collection. Keep up the great job!

Ben Chapman 9/3/2009

I am a journalist looking to talk to anyone who saw the Sex Pistols in Northallerton in 1976. If you were there would you mind dropping me an email to Thanks.

Kieron 19/2/2009

Hi Tich, Fantastic site. Thought I had a decent Pistols collection buts look like I have a lot of work to do to catch up with you. Also cheers for all the great Damned stuff you posted on Punk Bootlegs. Keep up the good work. Kieron (Bifferboy)

TREV W 1/1/2009

Hi Tich,i used to look at your old website a few years ago ,i sent you a email about a live in coventry cd if you have got a good memory.Nice to see your collection has grown and getting the credit for your effort.all the best Trev.

Riot100 27/11/2008

Brilliant Site Tich!

Tom C 23/11/2008

Great site.

Peder 5/11/2008

Fantastic site, keep up the good work Tich.

andytw 11/9/2008

Very impressive Tich. lot of work gone into the site.... gonna have to get round the bazzars in the middle east and see if they ve got any pistols cds...

GAZ 24/8/2008

.Excellent Tich, Keep Up The Good Work. Best Yet

victoria 11/8/2008


Herve 2/8/2008

Great website Tich. Congratulations.

Jollyrotter 29/7/2008

What a ripper of a site!! fantastic. will be back regularly to check on updates. cheers

Jock Hart 25/7/2008

Still going strong Tich .. you now have all the Combine Harvester gigs to collect ... will you ever stop ? I seen wee BoBo in the new Pistols DVD too ..check it out! see ye at loch Lomond.

Shaun 18/7/2008

Cracking site Tich!

Ludde 17/7/2008

Great site! I´ve been looking thru your collection, and I have some 20+ or so Cds that I can´t find in your collection. Do you wan´t a list of them or photos?  Yours Truly Ludde Sweden.

Tom 4/6/2008

well done Mate Top Site Hope To see Some Of My Artwork On Here Soon

sall 12/5/2008

great site!

Brian Adams 14/4/2008

Superb site Tich,this is the best collection ive seen.the Pistols will never die with your site . cheers again

Nero 13/4/2008

Enter message...Ciao,congratulazioni per questo sito.

Kevin Harris (Wolverhampton) 2/4/2008


Big Jim. 21/3/2008

Best Sex Pistols CD artwork site on the internet. Great work, Tich. Brilliant.

Jock Hart 8/3/2008

Great new site Tich ..just what you wanted , good clean and easy to navagate . superb !! see you around mate.

Tetu 6/3/2008

Hello Tich, GREAT site !!!

Steve (Noir). 5/3/2008

Looking good Tich. I will get the 12th audio to you great artwork as well.

Glyn Powell 5/3/2008

Looks good so far

Tony 5/3/2008

The best pistols cd site on the net by far. Keep it up mate

Noddyneeds 5/3/2008

Excellent new site Tich, this blows all other sites out of the water. Time for me to retire I think.

BRIAN JACKSON - Sixthpistol 25/12/2007

Congrats on your fantastic site mate, keep up the good work and stay in touch, God save Tich and the Sex Pistols. This site is a collectors dream - hats off to you Tich.

Dean 6/12/2007

very good pistols cd site if you see this tich its dean from colchster seeing if you got any thing to trade like dvds or cds let me know and ill send my list thanks m8 dean

Kathy 1/10/2007


Mozzer 4/4/2007

Great website, can anyone out there help me, Iam trying to obtain cdrs of the 1978 USA Tour, I already have the Winterland one. If possible: great quality, full sets and no gaps - PLEASE I look forward to hearing from you soon!!!

Flema 15/2/2007

this is the best of pistols cd's ever you have done an great job mate

AcidDrops 11/10/2006

Tich i take my hat off to you, i thought after 30 years i knew a lot, but your site has taught me so much more i never knew existed. god bless you fella, f__king awesome site. please keep it up, you truly are an inspiration. AcidDrops

Thomas 3/4/2006

Congratulations !!! Great and very interesting ! Makes great fun to look at ! Keep on !

Spot 13/3/2006

Good work my friend

Dave 26/1/2006

Highly impressed!!

Andreas Lindqvist 25/1/2006

You got the Greatest cd colloection i'd ever seen. Hehe, they almost made a live album for every place they went to! :D

jonny krapuul 16/12/2005

i think you're site is one of the best sites to know everything about the albums of the sex pistols

Nikki 26/9/2005

A brilliant reference site, particulary as I've lost my whole collection and slowly but surely with the help of this site will be able to keep track of what I'm missing.

Mick 7/7/2005

I think your site is f**king great and very easy to use plus i like the way you set it out was it easy. cheers mick