979 No 979 Public image - German 7 inch.(vinyl).Introduction

Recording Label: Virgin Records
Running Time: 5:15
Year: 1978

ISMN: 100-067100
Recording Company Code: LC3098
Quality: 10



This is the German issue of PiL's first ever single.

The record was a hit in Germany, although the single itself is relatively hard to come by. When it appears on ebay it usually sells for a pretty hefty price.

I have two copies in my collection. The first was purchased from ebay  a year ago for about £18 and the second copy was bought for only 2 euros in a second hand record store in Kiel, Germany. Quite a find!

The sleeve design is the same both front and back.

Has "made in Germany" etched onto the run-out grooves.

Track Names:

1. Public image.

2. The Cowboy Song.

front back aside bside

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