53 No 53 Seattle - 7(vinyl).Introduction

Recording Label: Virgin Records.
Running Time: ?
Year: 1987.

Recording Company Code: VSX 988
Quality: 10 +


Seattle - Limited Edition 7" Box Set.  (Thanks Mick)

The 7 inch box contains the following;

Seattle / Selfish Rubbish UK 7" in picture sleeve.

6cm Sew-on PiL logo patch.

1 inch "Happy?" badge.

PiL group photo postcard.

The vinyl is the standard 7" pressing of Seattle that was available to buy individually.

The contents label was stuck to the front of some issues of the box set and on the back of others.

The postcard has to be held at a certain angle towards a light source to be able to view the image properly.

Track Names:

1. Seattle.

2. Selfish Rubbish.

front back postcard front postcard back patch badge

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