55 No 55 Cruel, Ltd Edition 10inch.(vinyl).Introduction

Recording Label: Virgin Records.
Running Time: ?
Year: 1992

ISMN: 5012980139002
Recording Company Code: VSA 1390
Quality: 10 +



Cruel, Limited Edition, Individually numbered 10".  (Thanks Mick).

This was the very first PiL vinyl I bought, back in 1992 from John Menzies in Airdrie. Think is cost about two quid at the time.

The sleeve is a gatefold that folds out to show pictures of the band.

My copy is numbered 5600.

The record features a live track, recorded in New York City in 1989.

Track Names:

Side A:

1. Cruel.

Side B:

2. Love Hope.

3. Happy (LIVE).

front back label1 label2

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