1125 No 1125 The Greedies - The Electric Ballroom, Camden Town, London, 16th December 1978.Introduction

Recording Label: Dread Devil productions.
Running Time:
Year: 1978

Recording Company Code: Dread 003



This is an audence recording from the Greedies it was recorded at the Electric Circus, Camden Town, London on the 16th December 1978. This was downloaded from the Sex Pistols/ PIL live blogg the recording was uploaded by Marky Dread he has also created some fantastic new artwork for it. (Thanks PILman and Marky Dread).

I have added two soundbites from the album.


Track Names:

1. Suicide.

2. Waiting for an alibi.

3. Jailbreak.

4. Back on the streets.

5. Roisin dubh (black rose).

6. Dont believe a word.

7. Are you ready.

8. No one is innocent.

9. Black leather.

10. (Get your kicks on) Route 66.

11. Lookin after no. 1

12. greedy bastards (Pretty Vacant).

13. My Way/ A merry jingle (Medley).

14. Hard drivin' man.


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