1358 No 1358 The Vicious White kids (Japanese with OBI).Introduction

Recording Label: Receiver Records.
Running Time: 62mins 36secs.
Year: 1979

ISMN: 4988004057298
Recording Company Code: TECX 25901
Quality: 9

This is a one off project that Sid was involved in after the Pistols split in 1978. The band was Glen Matlock and Rat Scabies from the Damned & Steve New from the Rich Kids, it also has an interview with Rat and Glen on the end. This is a good quality recording and comes with good artwork. This was recorded on the 15 Aug 1978 at the Electric Ballroom London,



Track Names:

1. C'mon Everybody.

2. I'm Not your stepping Stone.

3. Don't Gimmi Me No Lip.

4. I Wanna Be Your Dog.

5. Belsen was a Gas.

6. Chatterbox.

7. Tight Pants.

8. Something Else.

9. My Way.

10. An Interview With Rat Scabies and Glen Matlock.

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