1385 No 1385 The Pretty and the Vacant. (Austrian).Introduction

Recording Label: Released Emotions Records.
Running Time: 46mins 34secs.
Year: ?

ISMN: 5020620001923
Recording Company Code: REM019 CD
Quality: 10




This is a tribute CD for the Sex Pistols and the Damned a good quality CD with good artwork.

Track Names:

Sex Pistols Tribute.


1. The Blaggers ITA - Submission.

2. Identity - Silly Thing.

3. Terry Edwards - Bodies.

4. WMTID - God save the queen.

5.The Bolsheviks - Holidays in the Sun.

6. Xenophobia - Anarchy in the UK.

7. Throw that beat in the garbage can - Pretty Vacant.

The Damned Tribute.



8. The Urchin string quartet - New Rose.

9. Exit condition - Plan 9 Channel 7.

10. Big Boy Tomato - Smash it up (Parts I and II)

11. Leatherface - Melody Lee.

12. The Price - The Limit club.

13. The Moonflowers - DiscoManI just cant be happy today.

14. Robb Johnson - Thanks for the night.

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