1402 No 1402 The Collection Sex Pistols MP3 (Russian).Introduction

Recording Label: ?
Running Time: 8Hrs 42mins 43secs.
Year: 2006

ISMN: 2176315534474
Recording Company Code: 51309
Quality: 10



This is a Russian Sex Pistols and related MP3 disc it has 6 Sex Pistols albums,6 Public Image Ltd albums, 1 from the Professionals, 1 from Sid Vicious and 1 from the Neurotic Outsiders. they all come with pics of the correct artwork. This must be played on a PC it will not play on a normal CD player. It comes with good quality artwork.

Album Names:

Sex Pistols:

1. Never mind the Bollocks.

2. The Sex Pistols.

3. Some Product.

4. The Great Rock N Roll swindle.

5. Flogging a dead Horse.

6. Kiss This.

7. Filthy Lucre Live.

Public Image Ltd:

1. The Flowers of Romance.

2. Live In Tokyo.

3. This is what you want - This is.

4. What you get.

5. Album (Compact Disc).

6. 9.

7. That what is not.

The Professionals.

1. I Didn't see it c:ming.

Sid Vicious:

1. Sid Sings.

Neurotic Outsiders:

Neurotic Outsiders.

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