1371 No 1371 Never Mind the Bollocks. (Japan) (Punk 1000).Introduction

Recording Label: Sex Pistols Residuals.
Running Time: 38mins 53 secs.
Year: 2012

ISMN: 4988005877468
Recording Company Code: UICY 77055
Quality: 10



This is another Japanese Never Mind the Bollocks it has a Jap/Eng lyric booklet and a OBI strip. This is from the Punk 1000 collection.

Track names:

1. Holidays in the Sun.

2. Bodies.

3. No feelings.

4. Liar.

5. God save the Queen.

6. Problems.

7. Seventeen.

8. Anarchy in the UK.

9. Sub-mission.

10. Pretty Vacant.

11. New York.

12. EMI unlimited edition.

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