1428 No 1428 1st US Show.Introduction

Recording Label: ?
Running Time: 49mins 19secs.
Year: ?

Recording Company Code: ?
Quality: 8

A good live recording from the Great SouthEast Music Hall on the 1978 U.S.A. Tour on the 5th January 1978. This was the 1st gig of the USA Tour of 1978. This is the complete gig as they did not play an oncore Its comes with excellent artwork.



Track Names.

1. God save the Queen.

2. I wanna be me.

3. Seventeen.

4. New York.

5. Bodies.

6. Sub-mission.

7. Holidays in the Sun.

8. EMI (Unlimited edition).

9. No Feelings.

10. Problems.

11. Pretty Vacant.

12. Anarchy in the UK

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