1430 No 1430 No Fun.Introduction

Recording Label: ?
Running Time: 42mins 47secs
Year: ?

Recording Company Code: ?
Quality: 8

This is the first Sex Pistols unofficial LP. Issued august 1977 it was Recorded at the Manchester Lesser Free Trade Hall on 4th June 1976.

It has a White cardboard sleeve and only a  1000 copies were printed.

This was Re-issued as "The Good Time Music Of The Sex Pistols".



Track Names:

1. Outa my head.

2. Pushing and a shoving.

3. Im a lazy sod.

4. Stepping Stone.

5. ????? (New York).

6. Watcha Gonna do about it.

7. Substitute.

8. Pretty Vacant.

9. Problems.

10. No Fun. 

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