1464 No 1464 1976-09-05 Live in Paris.Introduction

Recording Label: ?
Running Time: 53mins 48secs.
Year: ?

Recording Company Code: ?
Quality: 9

This is a good quality live recording of one of the gigs the Pistols played on a visit to Paris in 1976. This is the 2nd gig played at the same nightclub and is complete. This is the same recording as No,s 1405,1406,1407 and 1636 but has different artwork.

Thanks to www.Partnersincrime.fr who made this previosly unavailable recording available by posting it on youtube.



Track Names:  

1. Anarchy in the UK.

2. I wanna be me.

3. Seventeen.

4. New York.

5. No Lip.

6.Stepping Stone.




10. No Feelings.

11. Substitute.

12. Pretty Vacant.

13. Problems.

14. No Fun.

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