1620 No 1620 Sex Pistols Never Mind the Bollocks (40th Annversary Deluxe Edition) Promo release.Introduction

Recording Label: UMC
Running Time: Disc 1: 38mins 53secs. Disc 2: 74mins 03secs. Disc 3: 72mins 05secs.
Year: 2017

Recording Company Code: ?
Quality: Various.

It’s almost 40 years to the date since Never Mind The Bollocks was released and to mark this significant anniversary UMC has reissued the out-of-print super deluxe edition of the album originally issued in 2012. Released in limited quantities at the time its widely considered the definitive version. Unlike its 12” by 12” predecessor this new, smaller sized edition still boasts 3CDs which include the original studio album with 1977 B-sides, a disc of outtakes and a disc of live. 

This press release does not contain the DVD or the hardback book just the 1st 3 discs. the discs come in plastic sleeves and are marked "For promotional use only"


Disc 1 – Never Mind The Bollocks

1.       Holidays In The Sun
2.       Bodies
3.       No Feelings
4.       Liar
5.       God Save The Queen
6.       Problems
7.       Seventeen
8.       Anarchy In The UK
9.       Submission
10.     Pretty Vacant
11.     New York
12.     EMI

Disc 2 – Studio Rarities / Dave Goodman Demos / Chris Thomas Demos & Outtakes

Studio Rarities & B Sides

    No Feeling (B side of withdrawn God Save The Queen On A&M Records)
    Did You No Wrong (B side of God Save The Queen)
    No Fun (B side of Pretty Vacant)
    Satellite (B side of Holidays In The Sun)

 Dave Goodman Demos

    New York (Demo Version)
    Unlimited Edition (Demo Version of EMI)
    Liar (Demo Version)
    Pretty Vacant (Demo Version)
    Problems (Demo Version)
    No Future (Demo Version of God Save The Queen)

 Chris Thomas Demos & Outtakes

    Did You No Wrong (Alternative Vocal)
    Seventeen (Alternative Vocal)
    Satellite (Rough Mix)
    Submission (Rough Mix)
    Holidays In The Sun (Rough Mix)
    EMI (Rough Mix)
    Seventeen (Rough Mix)
    Holidays In The Sun (Alternative Mix)
    Body (Demo Version Of Bodies)
    Submission (Alternative Mix)
    Belson Was A Gas (Demo Version)

Disc 3

Trondheim – StudentersamfuNdet - Norway

    Anarchy In The UK
    I Wanna Be Me
    New York
    No Fun
    No Feelings
    God Save The Queen

Happy House – Stockholm - Sweden

    Anarchy In The UK
    I Wanna Be Me
    New York
    No Feelings
    God Save The Queen
    Pretty Vacant
    No Fun

main pic Disc 1 front Disc 1 back Disc 2 front Disc 2 back Disc 3 front Disc 3 back disc 1 Disc 2 Disc 3

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