1618 No 1618 Sex Pistols Raw (USA) (Music Club version).Introduction

Recording Label: Music Club
Running Time: 51mins 50secs
Year: 1977

ISMN: 614475002621
Recording Company Code: 50026
Quality: 10

This is a mixture of studio and live recordings from Burton on Trent and the spunk Demo's. It comes with basic artwork it has a 2 page front cover which contains information about each of the tracks. This has different disc artrwork from No 17 which is the UK Emporia version. The disc artwork is good quality.



Track Names.

1. Pretty Vacant.

2. Submission.

3. EMI.

4. Anarchy in the UK.

5. Don't give me no lip child. (Live).

6. Liar.

7. Seventeen.

8. Dolls (New York). (Live)

9. No feelings

10. No fun.

11. Problems.

12. I wanna be me.

13. Subsitute (Live ).

Cd front cd back Cover front Cover back Booklet inside 1st 2 pages Booklet inside 3 and 4 pages Back Back inside Disc

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