1590 No 1590 Sid Vicious The Chaos and Disorder (2 CD set).Introduction

Recording Label: Landmark.
Running Time: Disc 1: 30mins 17secs. Disc 2: 34mins 39secs.
Year: 2008

ISMN: 5060133745150
Recording Company Code: 74515
Quality: Between 8 & 10.

This is a 2 CD set from a company called 'Landmark'. It comes in a boxset which also has a slide over cardboard sleeve. Disc 1 is called 'Chaos' and is a collection of live tracks taken from the Sid gig Live at Max's Kansas City New York 1978. Disc 2 is called ' Disorder' and is a recording of the Sid gig at the Electric Ballroom in Camden, London also in 1978. This comes with very high quality artwork on both of the CD covers and discs.



Track Names Disc1:

1. Search and Destroy.

2. I wanna be your dog.

3. No Lip.

4. Something Else.

5. Belsen was a Gas.

6. (I'm not your) Stepping Stone.

7. Chinese Rocks.

8. My Way.

9. Take a Chance with me.


Track Names Disc 2:

1. C'mon everybody.

2. (I'm not your) Stepping Stone.

3. No Lip.

4. I wanna be your dog.

5. Belsen was a Gas.

6. Chatterbox.

7. Tight Pants.

8. My Way.

9. Search & Destroy. 

Box front Box back Cover front Cover back Cover inside Cd front CD back Back inside Back Disc 1 Cd front disc 2 Cd back disc 2 Cover front disc 2 Cover back disc 2 Cover inside disc 2 Back inside disc 2 Cover back disc 2 Disc 2

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