1588 No 1588 Sid & Nancy Love Kills.Introduction

Recording Label: MCA
Running Time: 37mins 41secs.
Year: 1998

ISMN: 008811241322
Recording Company Code: 0881124132
Quality: 10

This is the soundtrack from the Sid & Nancy Love kills movie which starred Gary Oldman and Chloe Webb. It comes with basic but decent artwork.



Track Names:

1. Love Kills.

2. Haunted.

3. Pleasure and Pain.

4. Chinese choppers.

5. Love Kills.

6. Off the boat.

7. Dunm Dum Club.

8. Burning Room.

9. She never took no for an answer.

10. Junk.

11. I wanna be your dog.

12. My Way.

13. Taxi to heaven. 

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