1586 No 1586 Winterland Concert (Brazil) (Magazine Freebie).Introduction

Recording Label: Norfock Films
Running Time: 56mins 37secs.
Year: 2016

ISMN: 7898562851016
Recording Company Code: CDL-35
Quality: 9

This is a fairly decent version of the Winterland gig from the 14th Jan 1978. This was given away free in a Brazilian Magazine it comes with a good quality gatefold sleeve but it does have the wrong date on it. This is the complete gig and in the right order.



Track Names:

1. God save the queen.

2. I Wanna be me.

3. Seventeen.

4. New York.

5. EMI.

6. Belsen was a gas.

7. Bodies.

8. Holidays in the Sun.

9. Liar.

10. No Feelings.

11. Problems.

12. Pretty Vacant.

13. Anarchy in the UK.

14. No Fun. 


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