1583 No 1583 Sid Vicious Search & Destroy. (USA).Introduction

Recording Label: Anarchy Music.
Running Time: 42mins 11secs.
Year: 2004

ISMN: 881162802523
Recording Company Code: ARY8-25-2
Quality: 9

This is a live recording from Max's in Kansas City in September 1978. The audio is a very high quality although Sid's voice is very quiet. The Artwork is decent the CD comes in a slip over cover. Added on the end is a few alternate versions and an interview with the Pistols.



Track Names:

1. Search And Destroy.

2. Chatterbox.

3. Something Else.

4. I wanna be your dog.

5. Belsen (was a gas).

6. (Im not Your) Steppin Stone.

7. Take a chance on me.

8. No (More)Lip.

9. Chinese Rocks.

10. My Way (Sids Way).

Bonus Alternate versions.

11. Search and destroy.

12. Chatterbox.

13. I wanna be your dog.

14. My Way.

15. Interview. 

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