1582 No 1582 The Great Rock N Roll Swindle (Japan).Introduction

Recording Label: Universal.
Running Time: 78mins 01secs.
Year: 2012

ISMN: 602527965062
Recording Company Code: 2796506
Quality: 10

This is the Universal Music 2012 re-mastered version of the Great Rock N roll swindle it is a much cleaner recording and comes with slightly different artwork at the back the book has less pages. The track listings and order are different from before. A bit more PC. This is a Japanese version it comes with an OBI. (Thanks Ebay).



Track names.

1. God save the queen (symphony).

2. Rock around the Clock.

3. Johnny B Goode.

4. Road Runner.

5. Black Arabs.

6. Anarchy in the UK.

7. Watcha gonna do about it.

8. Who killed Bambi.

9. Silly thing.

10. Substitute.

11. Don't give me no lip child.

12. I'm not your stepping stone.

13. lonely boy.

14. Something else.

15. Anarchie Pour le UK.

16. Einmal War Belsen Bortrefflich.

17. Einmal War Belsen  Wirflich Bortrefflich.

18. No mone is innocent.

19. My way.

20. C'mon everybody.

21. EMI (Orch).

22. The Great rock 'n' roll swindle.

23. You need hands.

24. Friggin' in the riggin.

Cd front Cd back Cover front Cover back Booket pages 1 - 2 Booklet pages 3 - 4 Booklet pages 4 - 5 Back inside Back Disc OBI

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