1579 No 1579 Sid Sings.(UK Version).Introduction

Recording Label: Virgin
Running Time: 28mins 31secs.
Year: 1979

ISMN: 077778676522
Recording Company Code: CDV 2144
Quality: 10

This is the normal UK version of Sid Sings it is a live recording from Sid from an unknown location. This comes with basic decent artwork for its day. It has a 2 page booklet.




Track Names:

1. Born to Loose.

2. I Wanna be your dog.

3. Take a chance on Me.

4. Stepping Stone.

5. My Way.

6. Belsen.

7. Something Else.

8. Chatterbox.

9. Search and Destroy.

10. Chinese Rocks.

11. I Killed the Cat.

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