1576 No 1576 The Swindle Continues (Japan) (Toy Factory).Introduction

Recording Label: Toy Factory
Running Time: 58mins 08secs.
Year: 1990

ISMN: 4988061885124
Recording Company Code: TFCK 88512
Quality: 10

This is a Dave Goodman project it contains half Sex Pistols tracks and the other half  Ex Pistols tracks. It has a fold out Jap/Eng lyric poster and comes with an OBI strip. This is the Toy Factory release of the CD.




Track names:

The Sex Pistols

 1. No future.

2. Problems.

3. Pretty vacant.

4. Liar.

5. EMI.

6. New York.

7. No fun.

8. Anarchy in the UK.

The Ex Pistols.

9. Here we go again.

10. Silly Thing.

11. Dancing on the Dole.

12. Anarchy in the UK.

13. Revolution in the Classroom.

14. Judging Minds.

15. Sex on 45.

16. The Swindle continues.

Cd front CD Back Cover front Cover back Poster front unfolded Back Disc OBI

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