1638 No 1638 Sex Anarchy & Rock N Roll Swindle. (Amazon) (Germany)Introduction

Recording Label: Entertain me Ltd
Running Time: 43 mins 07 secs
Year: 2009

ISMN: 842914078733
Recording Company Code: ?
Quality: 10

This is a very basic release that can be bought on Amazon it was made in Germany and came from the the US its a collection of live and alternate Studio tracks and one Sid track. The artwork is basic but ok. This version is a CDR (Thanks Jonny).



Track Names:

1. My Way (Alternate studio Version).

2. Pretty Vacant (Live).

3. Satellite (Alternate Studio version).

4. No Lip (Alternate Studio version).

5. Submission (Alternate Studio version).

6. Did you no wrong (Alternate Studio version).

7. New York (Alternate Studio version).

8. Substitute (Alternate Studio version).

9. I'm a lazy sod. (Alternate Studio version).

10 God save the queen (Alternate Studio version).

11. Anarchy in the UK (Alternate Studio version).

12 What you gonna do about it (Live). 

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