1632 No 1632 Never Mind the Bollocks (Japan).Introduction

Recording Label: Virgin
Running Time: 38mins 51secs.
Year: ?

Recording Company Code: VJCP-23171
Quality: 10

This is a another strange quirky Sex Pistols CD its a Japanese version of Nevermind the Bollocks it comes with a Jap/Eng lyric booklet and no OBI. This time the front cover is blue speaking to various experts we have decided that is been left in the sun for a fair amount of time and only the front colour has faided from green to blue.



Track names:

1. Holidays in the Sun.

2. Bodies.

3. No feelings.

4. Liar.

5. God save the Queen.

6. Problems.

7. Seventeen.

8. Anarchy in the UK.

9. Sub-mission.

10. Pretty Vacant.

11. New York.

12. EMI unlimited edition

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