154 No 154 No Future UK.Introduction

Recording Label: Teichiku records
Running Time: 55mins 49mins
Year: 1992

Recording Company Code: OOCP 2001
Quality: Studio: 10 Live: 8.



This is the Japanese version of No Future UK it is a collection of studio and demo tracks recorded at Burton on trent and the Spunk Demo's. It comes with a high quality Jap/Eng lyric book and comes with an OBI.

Track names.

1. Pretty vacant.

2. Seventeen (Im a lazy sod).

3. Satellite.

4. No feelings.

5. I wanna be me.

6. Submission.

7. Anarchy in the UK.

8. Anarchy in the UK (Different version).

9. No fun.

10. God save the Queen.

11. Problems.

12. Pretty Vacant.

13. Liar.

14. EMI.

15. New York (Looking for a kiss).

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