603 No 603 Flat Pack Philosophy (Chinese).Introduction

Recording Label: Universal Music Records.
Running Time: 75mins 55secs.
Year: 2006

ISMN: 6522156322538
Recording Company Code: DSD-113
Quality: 10



This is another one of these Chinese 2 band discs. The album was the New Buzzcocks album 'Flat pack Phiosophy' but added onto the end of the tracks as bonus tracks is 'Never Mind the bollocks' It comes with very high quality artwork it has a slide over cardboard sleeve and a normal jewel case inside. There is some dodgy spelling on the track listing.

Track Names:


1. Flat Pack Philosophy.

2. Wish I never loved You.

3. sell you Everything.

4. Reconciliation.

5. I dont Exist.

6. Soul Survivor.

7. God what have I done.

8. Credit.

9. Big Brother Wheels.

10. Dreamin'.

11. Sound of a Gun.

12. Look at you now.

13. I've Had enough.

14. between heavan and hell.

Sex Pistols.

15. Holidays in the Sun.

16. Bodies.

17. No feelings.

18. Liar.

19. God save the Queen.

20. Problems.

21. Seventeen.

22. Anarchy in the UK.

23. Sub-mission.

24. Pretty Vacant.

25. New York.

26. EMI.

603 box front 603 box back 603 cd front 603 cd back 603 disc

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