638 No 638 Easy Karaoke.Introduction

Recording Label: Easy classic Vol 132.
Running Time: 50mins 47secs.
Year: ?

Recording Company Code: EZC-132
Quality: 10



This disc is from a collection of Karaoke discs this one has Anarchy in the UK on it. It is just the music you can here on a stereo but when played on a Karaoke machine the words are on the screen to sing along to. It comes with a collection of Pop songs. This is a CD+ G disc.

Track Names:

1. Rod Stewart.

2. Bryan adams.

3. Heavan 17.

4. Auld Lang Syne.

5. Kenn Dodd.

6. Prince.

7. Foundations.

8. Mikaila.

9. George Strait.

10. Sex Pistols.

11. Traditional.

12. Tom Jones.

133. Stevie Wonder.


638 front 638 disc

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