195 No 195 Sham Pistols Live.Introduction

Recording Label: Sanctuary Records.
Running Time: 79mins 00secs.
Year: 2001

ISMN: 5050159135127
Recording Company Code: CMRCD351
Quality: 9



This is a high quality recording of what was billed as 'Shams Last Stand' This was when Sham 69 played the Glasgow Appolo, Scotland on June 29th 1979 and Steve Jones & Paul cook played Bass & drums. This comes with very high quality artwork, the front sleeve is a fold out poster explaining the background to this gig.

Track Names:

1. What Have we Got.

2. I Dont Wanna.

3. Rip Off.

4. Tell Us the Truth.

5. Angels with dirty Faces.

6. No One is Innocent.

7. Ulster Boy.

8. They Dont Understand.

9. Borstal Breakout.

10. Hurry Up Harry.

11. If the Kids are United.

12. Voices.

13. Who Gives a Damn.

14. Money.

15. Day Trippers.

16. You'r a better man Than I am.

17. Questions & Answers.

18. Joey's on the Street again.

19. Borstal Breakout (Reprise).

20 Hersham Boys.

21. Pretty Vacant.

22. white Riot.

23. If the Kids are United.

24. What have we Got.

195 front 195 back 195 disc

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